The adventures of Pioneer Girl travelling with enthusiastic Camper Barn Owl Guy

Started as a blog about my trip from Pittsburgh to California in a Ford Pickup, hauling a 30' refurbed trailer/camper. Ah, California Dreaming, 'n all that. Found that adventures can be long distance or in your own neighborhood... I look for my own twist on local sites, don't take the known for granted...and always find something new. It's easy, just open your eyes..

Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday, January 21, 2011

Good morning, Pioneer folks...  Coordinates have had PG grounded due to inclement winter weather, but soon enough I have a boatload of local spots to explore, and will be sharing my finds, observations and ideas that come to me when I'm at a new point of interest.

During this time, I have embarked upon a cleanse which has lots of organic green juices, which I juice up each morning, enough for two servings during the day.  Liquids only until noon, and after that a beautiful 80/20 selections of foods, 80 Alkaline and 20 Acidic.  No caffeine, no sugar, no moo food, no dairy, just healthy PH balanced foods.  This is an adventure of its own, however, I have always eaten pretty  healthy, but I'm feeling awesome, and sleeping like a queen.

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