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Started as a blog about my trip from Pittsburgh to California in a Ford Pickup, hauling a 30' refurbed trailer/camper. Ah, California Dreaming, 'n all that. Found that adventures can be long distance or in your own neighborhood... I look for my own twist on local sites, don't take the known for granted...and always find something new. It's easy, just open your eyes..

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Eat Like an Artist in 2012

I found this awesome article by Meg Worden, a Writer and Health + Creativity Consultant and loved it so much i wanted to share it. Is it okay to put it on my blog?   I wish I had written it...

"...Oxygen is THE primary nutrient. Get as much as you can. Take long deep breaths before, during and after you go to bed, get out of bed, speak, respond, make a decision, eat something, drink something or smoke.
Don’t smoke. But if you do, breathe more than you smoke.
Hang around trees. They are making oxygen all day long and giving it away for free.  They are also willing to teach you how to be still, silent and patient, to have deep roots, a strong spine and arms that reach towards the sun.
Drink water. Drink more water than any other liquid. Have a glass of water right after you breathe and before doing any of the things above. Go have a glass of water right now.
If you drink coffee or wine or scotch, be moderate. Stop with the first flush. And always-always-always drink only the finest coffee, wine and scotch you can afford. This is non negotiable.
Eat Food. Real food. Beautiful food. Vibrant food. Living food. Eat many plants because plants are so smart they figured out how to turn sunlight directly into food. Eat that miracle every single day.
Eat food with people you love. Even if you’re alone.
Do not eat the inedible stuff that is pre-made, packaged, frozen, canned, is an unnatural color or comes from places of unspeakable cruelty and disease. But if any of this is, for whatever reason, the best of your available options…eat with grace and graciousness. Allow it to nourish you anyhow.
Same goes for meat, dairy and sugar. Not much. But if and when you do, with grace.
Move around. Find exercise you enjoy and do it. Try yoga.
Be still. Try meditation.
A strong, flexible, well-fed body with a wide range of motion and a tolerance for stillness will give all those ideas you’re going to have in 2012 a sound container to percolate in. It will make sure those ideas are so clear and righteous that they spring forth from your forehead fully formed like Athena from the forehead of Zeus. Immortal ideas, darling.
Feed your immortal ideas with music, art and literature that is so breathtakingly beautiful that your body hurts from the experience. Then write to the artist and tell them what their work meant to you.
Consume more art than news.
Do not stay in toxic relationships. Period. Sometimes you have to love people from a distance. That’s all I’ll say about this.
Do cultivate healthy relationships. Make time for people that inspire and uplift you. Consider these meetings with your brilliant friends and collaborators the most important part of your job.
Consider belly laughing till tears stream down your cheeks to be the most important part of your job.
Also consider time alone to nurture your immortal ideas the most important part of  your job.

And if you hate your job, for the love of all things, please do something else. Don’t let “the economy”  or any one or thing guilt you into being thankful for a job that is killing you. There is always another way.

Being an artist in the world- whether you write, paint, take photographs, grow orchids, craft wedding cakes, practice healing arts or create your own entrepreneurial income in any format is a big responsibility. It requires a tender sensitivity, exquisite bravery and deep, rhythmic tenacity. It can be, at times frightening and painful. Ask for help when you need it. Be alone when you need it. But do not, under any circumstances, stop. Because your work is crucial. In fact, the whole wide world waits with bated breath for your unique light to shine upon it."

This is your one precious life. You have arrived.

New Year's Eve in Thailand

I'm very happy to be spending the LAST of 2011 and first of in Thailand with loved ones.  May your new year be filled with kisses and more frowns~~~move past any sadness or bitterness and live today as if it were your first, set the stage for bigger and better things, sit quiet and let your muse show you the way. Thank every being that has touched your life and let go.   Breathe and let breathe...  Happy New Year...a wondrous year is yours for the taking.  I love you, Mom, thank you for my traveling pants  :)

Warm breezes flowing through this house, and the smell of...yepp! pork roast and kielbasa and sauerkraut wafting from the kitchen.  PG went to the Villa earlier and bought an organic pork roast, found the slow cooker...this place never smelled so good (so I've been told :)  The kielbasa (tastes more like hot dogs) leaves much to be desired but but tradition is tradition...soon as I redd up here, shower and polish, we are heading to the club for dinner, drinks, fireworks...then back to the homestead for PORK and champagne.  Life is good....can I pleassse get lost here??? 

The Doctor Fish will see you now...

PG feet
December 31, 2011...Good afternoon, friends, and pioneers everywhere!   Yours truly, PG, and PG niece...found the Fish Spa in Chaing Mai and decided we needed a treatment, no appointment necessary.  So, what the heck is this controversial Fish Spa or Fish Pedicure treatment?   If someone said to you:   Hey, come and stick your feet in this tub of fish so they can eat your dead skin!" (makes me wonder...who thought of that first??) You'd probably say...uh, I don't think so!! 

Yeah, the idea of having fish eat your skin, is justa bit creepy. But, here in Thailand and other Asian countries, many spa's offer this treatment where you become fish food.  These species of "doctor" fish (Garra Rufa),feed off of dry, flaking human skin.  Don't worry, they don't have teeth, so they don't bite, in fact, it they chew off calouses and hard spots, it's a win-win situation, they get to eat, you get smooth tootsies.  PS I don't believe this is legal in the States...  so, just saying, gotta get your adventure pants on and come to Thailand..

But this PG was tickled pink to have tried it..lots of giggling going on,  which is always a good thing.  Havent giggled this much for months, what a great trip so far~  

Friday, December 30, 2011

You Say Bangkok, I Say...

Bangkoks official Thai name is the longest in the world...
Watch "Bangkok Official Name" on YouTube  Translation:   The city of angels, the great city, the residence of the Emerald Buddha, the impregnable city (of Ayutthaya) of God Indra, the grand capital of the world endowed with nine precious gems, the happy city, abounding in an enormous Royal Palace that resembles the heavenly abode where reigns the reincarnated god, a city given by Indra and built by Vishnukarn.

I knew you couldn't really say Bangkok...

Monday, December 26, 2011

Massages and Messages

December 26, 2011 - Sa-wad-dee-ka (Hello), Pioneers..Same day, different time....days seem to have to end and no beginning, having a hard time delineating days..can't believe it's still December 26.  After having no sleep once again last night, I feel I'm starting to crash and burn.  Today, Pad Thai served at pool side, followed by a Thai Massage, in the hopes of relaxing for some well needed sleep.  Unlike any massage I've had, I enter the darkened room through the curtain to find a small, neat futon on the bamboo floor and folded loose cotton pj's ready for me.  The smell of eucalyptus rising up through the, wait that's a different song from a different continent.

The massage is performed on the floor and is called "nuat phaen boran" (the ancient-manner massage).  I'm instructed by the petite Thai woman to lie on my stomach and starting at my feet, this little woman inflicted a SERIOUS deep tissue massage and wake up call on every single muscle and tissue, every meridian,  in my body.  Using her elbows, knees, forearms..she puts my body into many yoga-like positions and stretches and pulls...sometimes hurting to where it was confused with a pain and a very large tickle, sometimes grimacing, something almost laughing.  (this would be a great adjunct to my regular yoga practice at home)   PS all for about $12 US.   It enlivened me instead of relaxing me.
Headed to a swim lesson at the International School for my niece, Ali...what a ham that girl is, with a very good butterfly stroke..and she's speaking Thai, a most difficult language, more and more every day.  So the message from Ali for the day:  doo-lae-dtua-eang-duay-na-ka!  (meaning "Take care of yourself...")

xoxo PG in BT..

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Turtle Love...Warning, Explicit Video

December 26, 2011 ... Love is everywhere in Thailand, and why not?  It's tropical, warm, friendly, close and filled with smiles...even the birds and the bees do it, why not reptiles and amphibians?  Tortoise keepers in Thailand have a perfect climate to keep them outdoors in a pen, and they can live up to 50 or even 100 years.    A long term commitment indeed.  These local neighborhood turtles are feeling the love...and if it could make you feel like a turtle voyeur, whatever you do....don't watch the awkward couple in the sun lit middle of this video..
(courtesy of M & K, who happened upon the happy noisy couple)

Hey, I'm entitled to at least one distasteful post!   Still smiling...xoxo PG in BT

Lost and Found

December 25, 2011...  Good evening, friends and pioneers.  Today was quite the eventful day.  After a brisk walk around the lake...stopping for fresh cleansing juice and feeding the gigormous carp in the lake, we headed out to the largest outdoor weekend shopping district in the world...Chatuchak.  Covers 27 or 35 acres..have seen both numbers.  It's very inexpensive because competition is high, so you gotta haggle.  Once you get the hang of dollars versus bahts, it's pretty easy.  Items for sale range from handmade Thai jewelry, hemp woven elephants and dragons (you can watch the woman make them and they are awesome!)  , food of all sorts--some smell good, most do not, maybe because I'm a westerner-- wooden rocking horses, to puppies and kittens and roosters.  I had to get out of the enclosed area where the pets for sale were displayed, made me feel creepy.

We did end up getting disoriented and came out on the wrong side of the market and had no idea where we were..he tuk-tuks all parked in rows (motorized rickshaws), drivers calling to us for rides.  We were waiting for our driver and finally found a Thai speaking girl who could communicate to our Thai driver where we were on the cell phone so he could pick us up.  In the meantime, snacked on a lovely cup of husked roasted corn, salted and sugared.. and fresh coconut water.  Yum.  Haggled with vendors for a beach mat, and a cute pair of hippie pants for yours truly.  And saw sights and sounds, and bells and bubbles, and even a band striking up some Sweet Home Alabama..

So may get lost (..) but you may also find...and it's the finding that counts.. Laa- Gon-Ka for today....  xoxo, PG in Thailand

Bird singing competition, Thailand.

December 25, 2011 - Merry Christmas from Thailand! Today, your's truly PG and bro, Michael took on the outskirts of Pakret on the scooter and happened upon a bird singing competition. Check it out

rry Christmas from Thailand...\

Bird singing competition, Thailand.

December 25, 2011 - Merry Christmas from Thailand! Today, your's truly PG and bro, Michael took on the outskirts of Pakret on the scooter and happened upon a bird singing competition. Check it out

rry Christmas from Thailand...\

Friday, December 23, 2011

Hometown Girl needs a Bigger Bag

Got of you a rough start..unbelievably!  But salvaged my sanity and now flying to Bangkok via Hong Kong.  All my packing efforts in vain...repacked literally on floor on Pittsburgh Airport with an awesome United ticket agent and packing expert.    Wish I had been able to video that!  Saved me $70 though and didn't have to give up all the lotions I just bought...and I bought a lot..  Request from my family for lotions and sunscreen....seems they are pricey in Bangkok.   Only one checked bag allowed!!  Need a bigger bag!!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

December 18, 2011 - Good morning, fellow travelers and pioneers.  Today wise Shiro reminded me of travel as a confluence of both spiritual and physical travel.   As we travel through our lives, we encounter lessons both good and instructive...I hesitate to say bad, because even unfortunate, seemly bad events are to be analyzed and blessed as seeds for growth.  We've all had them, but we know that ruminating and holding grudges should not, in the overall scheme of a well balanced life tarnish our journey.  Sometimes the ride may not be comfortable, sometimes its scary but focus on the goal of the JOURNEY...happiness and spiritual growth,  love and forgiveness and loyalty and peace..some of the true qualities of life that are outside of so many people's reality that as they shop and shop seeking perfection, they believe they are buying happiness...such a simple existence.

So as I really mark down my days prior to my big birthday adventure to the Land of Smiles, I will smile again and  focus on family and loved ones both past and present, and thank them for blessing me with their lives both for the happiness and the sorrow.. seek forgiveness for any of my trespasses.   and hope that I have blessed them in many or a few ways.  You never know what may happen along the way, but if ones does get lost out there somewhere, I know love can bring them home.

So, enjoy your own trip...keep your eyes open and you can find new adventures in your own backyard or your kitchen.  My Sunday morning philosophy..before I head out for my morning walk.  xoxo..PG

Monday, December 12, 2011

The Joys of Packing

December 11, 2011... Things are shaping up!  I'm getting so much closer to ..well at least dumping items on my "packing bed."  As I think of things I may need, they go right on the bed.  Step Two will be to organize it all in true Pioneer Girl fashion.  Wonder what that is?   Rolling, and zip lock bags..

Went to Bakery Square over the weekend, picked up a few cute trinkets and tropical items at Anthropoligie...I love that store! Got my oversized funky sunglasses there..  See 'em?? on the left, very cute.    Hair accessories are really big at Free People, hippie headbands, feather earrings and clipins, floppy hats...  Oh, if only my hair were long again.

Well, still in prep stages for my solo adventure.  Guess it's not REALLY solo since I'm staying at my brother's once I get to Bangkok...but the travel almost around the world (32 hours including 8 hour layover in Paris, will be solo.  It's a little daunting, but PG is up for the challenge, new places, new people, new adventures.

A bientot for now..xoxo PG

Friday, December 9, 2011

Picking and Packing and Smiling

As a true Pioneer.. I'm preparing for my trip, checking off my checklist and picking and packing.. but I'm still smiling...cause I'm headed to Bangkok..a City of stay tuned. Let's just see how much this PG can fit into one checked suitcase and one backpack, and stay organized. xoxo PG (SMILING...) i

Thursday, December 8, 2011

America's Heartland - Episode 714 - Owls Save Crops

Good morning, Pioneers! Last year about this time, I began this blog during a cross-country trip hauling a trailer. We began in Pittsburgh and since I felt like a pioneer, well...hence my blog name. The purpose of the trip was to set up camp in a beautiful vineyard to begin a study on the effect of barn owls as a natural rodenticide instead of poisons. The study was created by researcher, Mark Browning of the Pittsburgh Zoo and my BOBG (barn owl box guy!) Barn owls will feed on pocket gophers, mice...pocket gophers in particular can damage the roots of the grapes. The study is ongoing and is the subject of an episode of America's Heartland which is shown across the country's heartland farm lands on RFDTV and also PBS.

Check out the episode below, Mark Browning of the Pittsburgh Zoo.

America's Heartland - Episode 714 - Owls Save Crops

You done good, BOBG!!

Stay tuned as Pittsburgh Pioneer Girl will soon become Thailand Pioneer Girl, as my travels will take me around the world to Asia in a few short weeks..

Over n Out for now... XOXO, PG

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November Night

With faint dry sound,
Like steps of passing ghosts,
The leaves, frost-crisp'd, break from the trees
And fall.

Adelaide Crapsey
 She also makes reference to the afterlife, invoking the mythological river Styx. In her poems the season is perpetually autumn or winter, and the reader visits bleak (though also beautiful) natural scenes and elegant cemeteries. 

Today and Tomorrow and Today

  November 1, 2011  Greetings fellow         pioneers.. .I learn and experience   something new everyday as you know through my past blogs...  Some have been quirky, some fun, and for me always educational in the process.  That's what I love about being a Pioneer.....just open your eyes and explore. Maybe because it's a dreary November day and I'm feeling very melancholy that today's post will be very different than my past blogs, but no matter, today it is today until tomorrow when it will be today again..

I stumbled upon a beautiful clip on YouTube which made me contemplate the our rich past and the American way of life and the vast landscape in which we live.  As we stumble through our journey in our moment of life, we learn also of the beauty of the past, the struggles which are different from our own, still show the human spirit of survival.  This clip of Americana set to the brilliant Aaron Copland's music from his opera A Tender Life has me in awe today of this wonderful piece of work ... life and love is beautiful. Love frees us and gives us light, shining like a star—breaking the fearful darkness of this world, and guiding us on our long and winding journey home one day at a time.  And so fleeting is at times difficult but also sweet...

...This is the Promise of Living..    Please enjoy the video, I promise you will be touched.  Any comments anyone may share would be very much appreciated.  

Your Philosophical P.G....xoxo

Monday, October 31, 2011

Thriller Nights and Bumper Cars

October 30, 2011
Good morning, fellow travelers and pioneer spirits...Although yours truly has not herself traveled to any local haunts on this Halloween, there's a lot of spookiness out there.  Freaking me out was SNOW, yes snow on Halloween...hoping that it is not a portent of the winter ahead.

Halloween has morphed from the old Irish festival of SAMHEIN, which was the night when the world of the dead intersected with that of the living...  To keep the spirits from roaming the earth and to keep from wandering into the OTHERWORLD themselves, farmers would gather around a bonfire, dressed in masks and costumes believing they could get through the night with the ancestors by hook or crook. There's creepy and there's scary in the otherworld and even today...

Not to be a damper on the fun of Halloween dress-up, candy, puking pumpkins....but I always like to find a different take on everything I explore, even if I'm exploring from my home base. Know what else is spooky to this Pioneer Girl....Nuclear plant accidents..radiation..remember this one, 

Chernobyl Amusement Park (Pripyat, Ukraine)
This amusement park, built for the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant workers and their families, was scheduled to open May 1, 1986. But five days earlier at 01:23 local time a fourth reactor explodes and causes a nuclear meltdown, blanketing nearby towns with a lethal dose of radiation.  The world's worst nuclear accident caused the evacuation of the town of 49,000 residents in four hours.  

No one ever returned. Instead of children's
laughter there's an eerie silence, a bizarre emptiness in the amusement park and surrounding buildings, now abandoned for 25 years. The corroding Ferris wheel and bumper cars are forever frozen in 1986. and   it didn't stop there really.. the plume of fallout drifted throughout western Russia and Europe, reaching its dark eerie hands as far as the UK and even to North America. .who knows what the effects have really been over the past decades to human health, the air we breathe and to our beautiful world....  downright...

SPOOKY, HUH...    Yours truly, P.G..... save travels in this world and the otherworld... cause it's a thriller night.  xoxo

Friday, October 14, 2011

(In Just-)

Good morning, fellow pioneers... what did I discover today, but that it is my favorite poet's birthday, e.e.cummings.  GPS coordinates find me re-reading some of my favorites, so in honor.I've always loved this me it reminds me of the innocent and wonderful world of childhood, playing and jumping and dancing and splashing.    xoxo--PG 

[in Just-]
in Just-
spring          when the world is mud-
luscious the little
lame balloonman
whistles          far          and wee

and eddieandbill come
running from marbles and
piracies and it's
when the world is puddle-wonderful

the queer
old balloonman whistles
far          and             wee
and bettyandisbel come dancing
from hop-scotch and jump-rope and
balloonMan          whistles

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Powdered Wives and Frank Zappa

PG on The Susan Constant

October 1, 2011...Good morning, friends…today GPS coordinates find me in Jamestown, Virginia.  Along with BOG (minus Camper) and trusty Scout, we wound our way in the Ford Pickup south through rainy Somerset and south to Cumberland and Berkeley Springs, through some of the most beautiful Appalachian forests on a very complicated two-lane route.  Thanks to Scout, many arguments and road side stops for map study were averted.

We ended up in Williamsburg VA in just enough time to eat at a local pub and chat with some locals and walk through the chilly streets before some well deserved rest. Early to rise, we ate breakfast at a local joint and I had my fill of southern grits.

Onward to Jamestown and the preserved settlement.   I climbed aboard one of the three replica ships, The Susan Constant, that brought the settlers to the Chesapeake Bay area and had some fun doing my Titanic impression.  Okay didn’t quite work…the gentleman demonstrating the canon and telling tales of pirates informed me that I was at the stern of the boat and not the bow.  Well, so picky.

Food Pyramid
I always learn something, or relearn something new on my journeys.  Although the early settlers were eventually successful, and a tour of the working settlement was great, it was the early 1600’s settlement that I found most interesting and a bit gory, the period known as The Starving Time.  The settlers mistrusted the Powhatans so much and expected savagery that they rejected their welcome and offers, and during the brutal winter, disease and starvation killed over 80% of the colony.  The colonists were desperate and ate all sorts of bizarre things (boiled leather shoes, toadstools, rats of course), and eventually began digging up the corpses and well… Just how is human flesh prepared:    "boiled and stewed with roots and herbs," "powdered," (salted) "carbonadoed” (barbequed).   This is not a healthy diet...roots, toadstools, and wives are not on the Food Pyramid.   It was Captain John Smith who wrote of the turn of events across the pond in his General History of Virginia who wrote:   I know not, but of such a dish as powdered wife I never heard of.

We all know tales of cannibalism throughout history, The Donner Party was a group of American pioneers who set out for California in a wagon train, the group whose plane crashed in the Andes (the movie Alive), serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, and many more…some we’re probably not aware of.

Mr. Green Genes" by Frank Zappa (from the Mothers of Invention album Uncle Meat) makes a funny reference to cannibalism: "Eat the truck & driver / And his gloves / NUTRITIOUSNESS! DELICIOUSNESS! WORTHLESSNESS!"  BTW, it was said at one time that Frank Zappa was the son of Mr. Greenjeans from Captain Kangaroo, but alas that rumor proved to be untrue.   

Well..I’ve had my “fill” of cannibals for now, time for lunch…until my next stop…

Peace on the road, keep your eyes open….XOXO PG

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Isaly's West View
September 24, 2011  Good morning, fellow Pioneers… wow, it’s been a while since I had my exploring shoes on.  Today I head out to see what I can see.

Along with trusted Scout, I find myself in West View, PA, a northern suburb of Pittsburgh—coordinates per Scout:  40°31′6″N 80°2′1″W / 40.51833°N,  Destination: Isaly’s Dairy Store in search of a Skyscraper Cone.  Everyone remembers those tall cones from the 1960’s, rich White House ice cream filled with maraschino cherries, 4 inches of ice cream piled atop a cone in the shape of and precariously tilted to one side…) closely resembling a Marge Simpson hairdo) all for a whopping 5 cents. 

Although Isaly’s went bankrupt in the 1980, Isaly’s in West View is one of only two remaining privately owned dairy bars in the Pittsburgh area and has kept the authentic charm with booths, bright red rows of the famous Barbeque Sauce, luncheon counter with silver rimmed stools, deli case full of chipped ham and other lunch meats decorated with plastic parsley.  But, alas, no skyscraper cones--in fact no ice cream to dip and dig the Isaly’s elongated spoon into. Those spoons!!  For fun, I checked out the spoons, which were actually patented back in the 1930’s.   In fact, even the technology for chipped chopped ham was patented.  But Skyscraper Cones are now just a memory...

Disappointed and hungry (although breakfast was an option), I headed down Perrysville Avenue towards one of Pittsburgh’s most remembered amusement parks, West View Park.  Sure, West View Park entertained folks young and old with the Racing Whippet, the Swings, the Dips Roller coaster and other fun rides and picnic spots from 1906 to 1977 and a lot has been documented about the amusement park; but it was DANCELAND where couples met, courted, and danced to performers like Duke Ellington and Bobby Vinton (who was a student at Duquesne University then), Bobby Vee, and many others.

But I'm a rock and roller,and and interesting tidbit I found along my research was that in 1964 Danceland featured a new rock and roll group from England on their very first U.S. tour-- and tickets could be had for $1.50: The Rolling Stones!  It's true!   Let's see in 1964 I was..well, let's just say very young. The tour in was, in Bill Wyman's words, a "disaster," as they had no hit records here and were basically nobody's at the time. But KQV booked them at Danceland--I'm curious to know what transpired to get them booked.  If only they knew then what we all know now.   It wasn't until one year later in 1965 that "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" hit the charts and remained #1 in US for 4 weeks.  Danceland had them first!
Sadly, Danceland burned to the ground in 1973, it’s mirrored glass ball shattering to a million crunchy pieces, smoldering for days. Although the fire did not start the demise of West View Park,it  was certainly the icing on the cake. The park closed in 1977.   I went there looking for a plaque establishing the Park as a Pennsylvania historic site, but alas there was none.  There’s lots of fast food joints and a Giant Eagle though, hardly an apt tribute. Oh the sign leading into the shopping center has a wooden carousel horse on it...     But West View Park is but a memory… 

Well, all I can say is, I got my exploring feet got dancing with this little trip.  So until the next time…  Keep on dancing, keep on rocking and a’rolling with the Gentry's:


ps this blog is not intended to be a complete historic view of West View, PA or Isaly's, I'm not from West View and never had the joy of experiencing the rides, the lake, the boats, the tunnels, or Danceland. (although Isaly's skycrapers and chipped ham, I sure have)  This is just my little side-take of my day..I call it Cones and Stones.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday, January 21, 2011

Good morning, Pioneer folks...  Coordinates have had PG grounded due to inclement winter weather, but soon enough I have a boatload of local spots to explore, and will be sharing my finds, observations and ideas that come to me when I'm at a new point of interest.

During this time, I have embarked upon a cleanse which has lots of organic green juices, which I juice up each morning, enough for two servings during the day.  Liquids only until noon, and after that a beautiful 80/20 selections of foods, 80 Alkaline and 20 Acidic.  No caffeine, no sugar, no moo food, no dairy, just healthy PH balanced foods.  This is an adventure of its own, however, I have always eaten pretty  healthy, but I'm feeling awesome, and sleeping like a queen.