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Monday, December 26, 2011

Massages and Messages

December 26, 2011 - Sa-wad-dee-ka (Hello), Pioneers..Same day, different time....days seem to have to end and no beginning, having a hard time delineating days..can't believe it's still December 26.  After having no sleep once again last night, I feel I'm starting to crash and burn.  Today, Pad Thai served at pool side, followed by a Thai Massage, in the hopes of relaxing for some well needed sleep.  Unlike any massage I've had, I enter the darkened room through the curtain to find a small, neat futon on the bamboo floor and folded loose cotton pj's ready for me.  The smell of eucalyptus rising up through the, wait that's a different song from a different continent.

The massage is performed on the floor and is called "nuat phaen boran" (the ancient-manner massage).  I'm instructed by the petite Thai woman to lie on my stomach and starting at my feet, this little woman inflicted a SERIOUS deep tissue massage and wake up call on every single muscle and tissue, every meridian,  in my body.  Using her elbows, knees, forearms..she puts my body into many yoga-like positions and stretches and pulls...sometimes hurting to where it was confused with a pain and a very large tickle, sometimes grimacing, something almost laughing.  (this would be a great adjunct to my regular yoga practice at home)   PS all for about $12 US.   It enlivened me instead of relaxing me.
Headed to a swim lesson at the International School for my niece, Ali...what a ham that girl is, with a very good butterfly stroke..and she's speaking Thai, a most difficult language, more and more every day.  So the message from Ali for the day:  doo-lae-dtua-eang-duay-na-ka!  (meaning "Take care of yourself...")

xoxo PG in BT..

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