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Started as a blog about my trip from Pittsburgh to California in a Ford Pickup, hauling a 30' refurbed trailer/camper. Ah, California Dreaming, 'n all that. Found that adventures can be long distance or in your own neighborhood... I look for my own twist on local sites, don't take the known for granted...and always find something new. It's easy, just open your eyes..

Friday, December 23, 2011

Hometown Girl needs a Bigger Bag

Got of you a rough start..unbelievably!  But salvaged my sanity and now flying to Bangkok via Hong Kong.  All my packing efforts in vain...repacked literally on floor on Pittsburgh Airport with an awesome United ticket agent and packing expert.    Wish I had been able to video that!  Saved me $70 though and didn't have to give up all the lotions I just bought...and I bought a lot..  Request from my family for lotions and sunscreen....seems they are pricey in Bangkok.   Only one checked bag allowed!!  Need a bigger bag!!

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