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Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Doctor Fish will see you now...

PG feet
December 31, 2011...Good afternoon, friends, and pioneers everywhere!   Yours truly, PG, and PG niece...found the Fish Spa in Chaing Mai and decided we needed a treatment, no appointment necessary.  So, what the heck is this controversial Fish Spa or Fish Pedicure treatment?   If someone said to you:   Hey, come and stick your feet in this tub of fish so they can eat your dead skin!" (makes me wonder...who thought of that first??) You'd probably say...uh, I don't think so!! 

Yeah, the idea of having fish eat your skin, is justa bit creepy. But, here in Thailand and other Asian countries, many spa's offer this treatment where you become fish food.  These species of "doctor" fish (Garra Rufa),feed off of dry, flaking human skin.  Don't worry, they don't have teeth, so they don't bite, in fact, it they chew off calouses and hard spots, it's a win-win situation, they get to eat, you get smooth tootsies.  PS I don't believe this is legal in the States...  so, just saying, gotta get your adventure pants on and come to Thailand..

But this PG was tickled pink to have tried it..lots of giggling going on,  which is always a good thing.  Havent giggled this much for months, what a great trip so far~  

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