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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Flying Discs?

Hole #1 Knob Hill 
Monday, April 2, 2012 - GPS coordinates find me in Marshall Township, walking and exploring the Thorn Hill Trail with my buddy, Mary.  It's a nicely wooded hilly trail that skims Knob Road and a park aptly named Knob Hill Park.  I say aptly because true to it's name the park sits atop a nicely manicured hill, a knob if you will, circled by forest.  We decided to explore the perimeter of the park and kept coming upon these "things," which I thought had something to do with parking your bicycle as there are chains hanging down.  Hmmm, unusual to ride a bike up this grassy hill, but what did I know?  

We spot a couple and their two dogs, getting ready to do...what??  Then, colored flying discs are threading their way through the trees like frisbees....and hey!  it's a competition.  The young girl had quite a delivery, too, I must say.  And as it turns out, yours truly, has discovered Disc Golf...and, here we were right smack in the middle of the golf course.  Sorry, folks!   I had never heard of Disc Golf and the young couple took time to show us the ropes, even offered to let us try our hand at a hole in one...uh, I don't think so!  I found it interesting that their 2 dogs did not try chasing the discs (unfortunately I kept calling them frisbees), the cute guy said his dogs are trained not to even try.  He gave us a demonstration and it was true, but they will chase a stick or two.   Good dogs!
Map: Pittsburgh Flying Disc Society
Check it out: Knob Hill Park in Warrendale, PA 

Then I discover there's this whole league, Pittsburgh Flying Disc Society, and there are courses in Schenley Park, Moraine, Deer Park, and others all across the country.  You can find them here:  There are local leagues, national leagues and pros.. I just never knew!!  See what you can discover if you just get out there and look!

Am I the only person who never knew of this sport?  Leave me a message, I'd love to know!

So, I explored a new park and discovered a new was a good Pioneer Girl day.  Thanks for reading.. over and out for now...xoxoPG


  1. Post a comment here... have you ever disc golfed?

  2. Linda Zabawsky says--"This is for me"! Hand still messed up so I may take up this hot new sport!

    1. That would be fun.. they said you can get the set of discs at Dicks. Let me know if you decide to try it, I'd love to go with you