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Started as a blog about my trip from Pittsburgh to California in a Ford Pickup, hauling a 30' refurbed trailer/camper. Ah, California Dreaming, 'n all that. Found that adventures can be long distance or in your own neighborhood... I look for my own twist on local sites, don't take the known for granted...and always find something new. It's easy, just open your eyes..

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Otis Redding and Day of the Living Dead


Greetings, Pioneers!  Although I am at home in the Burgh, I am trying to keep my Pioneer Spirit alive, and experience new and varied things.  I am going to do this on a weekly basis, and blog to help me to remember and relive my experiences. I'm linking this to FB once more, but I'm not certain that I will continue that. I'll be blogging here if anyone ever wants to check me out.  I love to write, so write I will.

Here lies Nicholas Kramer
Today, GPS coordinates tracked me down in Evans City, Pennsylvania.  Scout and I decided to check out the creepy Evans City Cemetery, on location where in 1968 the legendary, The Night of the Living Dead was filmed.  The undead guy.freaked out poor Barbara (above) as the zombies attacked her brother, leaving her in a catatonic state for the rest of the movie.  She clutched the tombstone of poor, real dead Nicholas Kramer. What an interesting place and I could almost see the zombies walking across the graveyard.  Not that it's one of my favorite movies or anything, but hey, it's  local.  Only me there (and Scout). Got my exercise in too, walking the cemetery looking for Nicholas Kramer's gravestone...   and uh huh, I did find it, as you can see.

I was a solitary Pioneer, albiet the siting of a strange guy wearing a yellow tossle cap on horseback.  Seriously, it's true.  He reigned the horse in on the side of the road when we left so I KNOW he was real.  Got a good look at him.  Wish I could have snapped a picture

Otis Redding
I love walking around in cemeteries, looking at names and dates, some so worn and forgotten, some all jazzed up for Halloween.  It was cold and windy, dead leaves floating around, and I kept thinking:   "Poor Otis dead and gone. left me here to sing his song..pretty little girl with the red dress on, poor Otis dead and gone".  Did you know, Jim Morrison's a cappella to that song, Runnin' Blue was added as a tribute for Otis Redding, who was recently (at the time) killed in a car crash?  "Running away, back to LA, got to find the dock of the bay..."  I heard on NPR one day that Jim Morrison loved Otis Redding.   The Soft Parade was my favorite Door's album.

Well, so that was my day today, among other mundane things.  But I'm glad I went, it was campy and fun.  So Pioneer Girl was a zombie girl today. Now I need to lighten up, bout to pour a glass of wine, roast some veggies for dinner, and watch The Girl Who Played with Fire.

Happy adventures..over and out.. PG xoxo


  1. love it! sounds like a great day indeed, crazy zombie chick! :) I'll let Mark read it when he gets here <3

  2. Thanks, Bee....think he's there now!!