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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Wonderful, Mahvalous, Prodigious Thailand

PG looking like Survivor Girl
January 3, 2012 -         We are staying on the Island of Krabi on the coast of the Andaman sea which is a labryinthe of erupting vertical islands and long tail boats.  The town is called Ao Nang and is filled with inns, shops, cafes and Thai Massage shops on every block.  You can also catch a boat to the isolated beaches of Phra Nang Cape, where the famous former hippie colony of Railey Beach is located.  (more on Railey Beach soon)     The bays and coves of Krabi have sheltered pirates, merchants and sea gypsies for thousands of years. 
Couple of Sea Gypsies

 In fact, here's a couple of blonde sea gypsies I spotted right in front of me!  Let's Go! Krabi!

Today we visited ThanBok Khornee National Park on Krabi for some kayaking on a lagoon through beautiful mangrove forests and giant limestone cliffs. After getting off to a rough start with coordinating paddling efforts and going around in circles, we got our sh** together and off we went.   The peaceful kayaking took us through caves dripping with sharp limestone stalactites and erupting with stalagmites.   The cliffs were amazing and our companions were all super cool.  
Entering First Cave

 We finished up in a large cave called the Big Head Ghost Cave with ancient cave drawings estimated to be over 3 thousand years old.  Yours truly had to climb through the cave barefoot as I have a fear of wet flip flops...and some of you will know why.  See the pic below ...and can you tell why it's called Big Head Ghost Cave?  

Big Head Ghost Cave

Okay so here's a word I've been wanting to use on my blog since I got here, because..well because I'm feeling very prodigious right now...wonderful, mahvalous, PRODIGIOUS!  Onward to Railley Beach today.  I hope you all have a prodigious day too..  

Peace and Love...xoxoPG

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