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Started as a blog about my trip from Pittsburgh to California in a Ford Pickup, hauling a 30' refurbed trailer/camper. Ah, California Dreaming, 'n all that. Found that adventures can be long distance or in your own neighborhood... I look for my own twist on local sites, don't take the known for granted...and always find something new. It's easy, just open your eyes..

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Road To Tucumcari

Greetings! O Pioneers.  October 26, 2010 ..  We left Lamar, Colorado and the Island of Dreams Triple J RV Park at 7:30am anxious to leave all of our tire troubles behind us.  We had to go to the Ace Tire Service for new tires that was 4 new tires, and a rotation for safety for our continued journey south.  Tires played a major role in our inconvenience thus far.  The road to Tucumcari was part deja vu for the first 30 miles until we passed the windmill farms where were spent a lot of the prior evening sitting on the side of the road.

We are heading towards Oklahoma, Boise City to be exact.  Just a small portion, and then through the panhandle of Texas, Dalhart. The road due south to Texas was beautiful and smooth, desolute and stark, hundreds of horned larks flitting about on the berms of the road.  I know they were horned larks because Barn Owl Camper Guy made sure we stopped and identified them.  Also saw herds of prong horned antelope , which I had never seen before.  All good.

Dalhart Texas is a cattle farm and livestock auction area.  Seemed like thousands of cattle on both sides of the road in pens awaiting their fate.  Upset me a  lot.  The cow poop smell was all so overwhelming.

On to Tucumcari, New Mexico, new terrain, and the groovy Pow Wow Restaurant and Lizard Lounge.  Kind of schmaltzy but fun and great Mexican food and a long awaited for MARGARITA! 

Leaving Tucumcari behind, we headed due west through Albuquerque and next stop Grants, New Mexico, and Lavaland. 

Sincerely, PG   xoxo


  1. Did they have a lounge lizard? I'll bet you and Mark are going to be very happy to get to Calf. and put all of this road trip behind you. Have a safe day.

  2. This is all so interesting! You're going to have a new camper piece by piece at the end of the trip.

  3. Or a new camper. Now th for at would be nice. Saw this one called a Wildcat. So sweeet. Bodie, California here we come. Thank you guys for following my blog and being there with me. It was an experiment that turned addictive!