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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Twin Arrows and Two Guns

Greetings, my Pioneer friends - October 28, 2010.  Leaving Grants, New Mexico and setting our sights on Arizona and beyond.

We have been experiencing such varied topography in northern Arizona.  I wish we could have stopped at Phoenix to see a friend and also Sedona, as it's been about 10 years since I've been there, but we are anxious to put down our feet in California and do some HIKING, and WINE TASTING. 

The first half of Arizona were the tremendous red rock formations everywhere, and the BNSF trains delivering goods both east and west.  Such a fine sight to see.  We did a lot of climbing and the Barn Owl Express was like the little train that could.  chug chug chug up the hills at maybe 45 mph. 

Then we hit the Great Continental Divide.  So of course I had to look it up again on the net (I did that with so many places and things along the way, thank God for my Blackberry and the Internet).  For instance I learned again that The Continental Divide divides the water drainage across the America's from precipitation that drains to the Atlantic Ocean from the precipatation that drains to the Pacific...I forgot all about that.  See what a learning experience this has been for me.  Any question, any tree, any park we have a question about, God, here's the answer!  got us out of a near empty gasoline situation also.  GPS  location..nearest gas station!  Oh yes, the old pioneers would be amazed.

Flagstaff was high!  The San Francisco range off to the north,  As we were climbing up about 1,00 feet through the Cococino National Forest, we drove past my two favorite towns' names in Airzona which seemed fitting to me.  Twin Arrows, AZ and Two Guns, AZ.  Wish we could have visited.  Sounds all get-out western.  My Baby Loves the Western Movies.... Pchoo pcihoo  boinnggg!

Okay, so here was my attempt at being artzy, came up with a lot of creative things to do in a truck cab!  Forgot it came out backwards...haha, it may be too dark to see that I'm doing in the rear view mirror, and if it is,  aww forget it. 

So we were taking it easy and driving Winslow Arizona in a Ford Pickup Truck and having a blast.  Our country is beautifiul.

Until then... Pioneer Girl xoxo

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